As the debut story in the Bloodthirsty saga, “One Nation Under Water” follows Virgil LaFleur, a Cajun/Creole Coast Guard veteran discharged with post-traumatic stress after the flood. Having saved dozens of lives – but losing his parents – in the wake of the storm, Virgil has grown bitter and depressed. He is planning to leave New Orleans forever when the story begins. His younger brother’s mysterious murder, however, sucks Virgil back into a vortex of intrigue, corruption, and revenge as he becomes obsessed with bringing the killers to justice.



MARK & GEORGES DISCUSS STORY: Mark outlines the emotional inspiration for the story, and Georges discusses the power of storytelling to comment upon society.


GEORGES JEANTY TALKS ABOUT “THE AMERICAN WAY” AND THE POWER OF STORYTELLING: Georges collaborated with Academy Award winning writer John Ridley on a miniseries called “The American Way.” Like “Bloodthirsty,” “The American Way” takes root within an historical context, and then branches off to convey its themes through fictional characters and events.


ORIGINAL KICKSTARTER VIDEO: This video is from the original Kickstarter campaign in 2013, when the miniseries was planned for eight issues with one artist. Although the book is now just over five issues with two interior artists and other artists joining in for covers, the video provides a good background and intro to the story.