It’s Time to Get YOUR Comic Shop to Order ‘Bloodthirsty’!!

p.418, Titan Section of August Previews

p.418, Titan Section of August Previews

The time is now. Ask your local comic book shop to carry Issue #1 of Bloodthirsty!

The August edition of the “Previews” catalog that all comic shops use to order the books they’ll be carrying in late September/early October came out today!

The only way to ensure your shop carries Bloodthirsty is to let them know you want it! Call or visit your store, and tell them to look for this FULL PAGE AD on p. 418 (in the Titan Comics section) of the Previews catalog.

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[SDCC’15] Titan to publish Bloodthirsty series by Landry, Witter


Titan Comics were thrilled to announce they will publish Bloodthirsty; a visceral revenge thriller that merges the real-world hopes and horrors of a post-disaster community with an engaging thread of political corruption, class divide and blood-curdling terror! The series was announced during the SDCC 2015 Diamond retailer presentation this  Friday .

From Louisiana native and Disney screenwriter Mark Landry, Bloodthirsty is illustrated by Interview With The Vampire artist Ashley Marie Witter, and has received public support from none other than superstar artist Georges Jeanty (Serenity, Buffy The Vampire Slayer). The giant-sized issue #1 comes with two covers to collect, one of these is created by Star Wars cover artist Nick Runge.

Haunted by the catastrophe that tore his city apart ten years ago, Coast Guard veteran, Virgil Lafleur, struggles daily with the hardships of a post-Katrina New Orleans. But when his younger brother’s murder leads him into a vortex of intrigue, corruption, and violence, Virgil becomes obsessed with bringing the killers to justice and exposing the horrific secret hiding beneath the Mississippi.

Bloodthirsty #1 hits comic stores in September and will be available digitally to read on your digital devices.